Travisia Martin for North Dakota Insurance Commissioner

About Travisia

Travisia Martin

Since moving to North Dakota over half a decade ago, I have had the good fortune to live in the Bismarck-Mandan area and work all over the state. By treating patients in Beulah, Minot, Jamestown, Belcourt, Bismarck and communities throughout our state, I’ve come to know the health care needs of North Dakotans and how important access to that care is to our cities and rural areas. I’ve also come to deeply love North Dakota as much as any place I’ve called home. It was that passion to increase access to health care and serve my adoptive home state that drove me to run for insurance commissioner. I was honored to be endorsed by the democratic NPL in that venture and was excited to represent North Dakotans on my platform and commitment to improving healthcare. Although the North Dakota Supreme Court acknowledged that I have lived in North Dakota for over 5 years, they ruled that I did not meet the residency requirements to be on the ballot in November.

It is unfortunate that this conservative court has taken away the right of the people of North Dakota to have a choice on who they want to represent them. That ruling does not change my love for this state and commitment to our fellow citizens. It is obvious that John Godfread, our present insurance commissioner, does not believe in the pollical process and will do what he can to eliminate all competition as he seeks to undo healthcare gains like Medicaid expansion by supporting a reckless lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act as well as eliminate competition that would reduce insurance premiums. I will continue my efforts to improve access to quality health care in my profession as a respiratory therapist. I will also continue to be proud to call North Dakota home.

Thank you for the opportunity. Nothing but love for you, North Dakota! 

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