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My name is Travisia Martin. As the first African American woman to run for a statewide office in North Dakota, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Insurance Commissioner. Along with managing the day to day obligations of the Insurance Commissioner's office, my priority is to promote a change in the healthcare system in the State.

Travisia Martin

I am a 40-year veteran in the healthcare workforce serving as a Critical Care Respiratory Practitioner. I have worked in several hospitals throughout North Dakota, including our rural areas. During that time, I have witnessed many issues in our state that need to be addressed in order to provide adequate health care services, especially to our most vulnerable residents. Of key issue is a lack of funding for health care professionals causing a shortage of providers across our state. My passion is to protect and improve insurance rates and healthcare delivery for all North Dakotans.

My responsibilities as a Practitioner include Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment. These skills, when applied to the role of Insurance Commissioner, can help shape our future. I know that being uninsured or underinsured creates a significant threat to the health and well-being of our citizens and we should treat it like the health crisis it is. I am committed to promoting change in healthcare for all North Dakotans, to ensuring our most vulnerable population's needs are met, especially those in rural areas and Tribal Nations, and to addressing the lack of providers across our state in Critical Care, Mental Health and more.

As your Insurance Commissioner, I will:

Bismarck's Top Respiratory Therapist Award

My moral and professional obligation is to provide care and protection to the citizens of this state. I have been on the frontlines of health care for many years, operating and managing life support systems (ventilators), providing care to many, from the richest to the poorest. These experiences, providing critical care to those that need it, throughout the United States and abroad (including The South Pacific Regions, The Island of Guam in Micronesia, Singapore, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands) led me to seek a higher calling in public office.

Regardless of which party you identify with, we are all impacted by and have a desire to improve the healthcare system in North Dakota. I want to help lead this conversation and shape the future of health care in this state. Together we can improve the health and the well-being of North Dakotans.

I am hopeful that the office of Insurance Commissioner will allow me to be, "Your voice to improve healthcare for all North Dakotans."

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